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Why Branding, Aren't You Just Web Guys?

No we're much more. We 're designers, visionaries and communicators. Too often companies use a design firm for branding and web designers for websites resulting in a fragmented marketing effort. We offer a full web design service and employ in-house programmers. This means you benefit from the best of both worlds: 1) Designers who keep your brand consistent online and make sure your marketing goals are met 2) Programmers who use the latest technology.

What's Branding

Branding is the implementation of your company's vision and goals, the first place to start becoming a brand is with your attitude ...  you must have vision and passion, if you have lost it, get it back fast or get out.  You are in business to make money and have the life style that you dreamed about, to get this you need a vision to feed your growth and exit strategy.

Branding and increasing market share

You must understand your clients and prospective clients. What do they expect from you? why haven’t they been coming to you already? would they switch from their current provider if you where able to meet their needs? McDonalds and KFC swallowed up many large restaurants and eateries on their way to becoming the massive companies that they are today. Was it their burgers and chicken that made them grow to what they are today? Not even close, it was their brand. We were sold on their burgers, combos and secret recipes well before we were served by their 16 year old counter representative.

Branding and staff morale

Your staff are the next most important step, they must become part of your brand. You have to explain your vision to them and they must buy into this vision. Imagine them coming into work each day feeling like they are a part of a team, working towards a shared goal, with real chances of promotion and responsibility when you grow. Many small businesses have managed to do this and grown into successful mid and large sized companies. If you are going to stay the same forever, your staff have no chance to advance in their job, you will either lose them or they will become lazy.

Branding is a measure of growth

One of the first things a business that has enjoyed growth does is: 1) Rebrand 2) Polish up their existing brand - and what a world of difference that makes! For starters, you may have been growing but perhaps your clients haven't noticed? Polishing up the way you look is a tangible, direct way of saying "we are still here and better than ever". Display your growth, vision and success -  proudly. Confidence is a great marketing tool. This strategy also works if you have a strong vision but haven't gotten there yet, look the part before you get there - the confidence you'll get from it is not only a morale booster for you and your staff, your customers will start seeing you differently.

What does all this have to do with branding?

Everything.  Branding is attitude. Your attitude seeps through in everything you do from the way you answer the phone, what your reception area looks like, your website, brochures and anything you put out there with your name on it. Learning how to control this ‘attitude’ in a calculative and consistent way, is the essence of successful branding.

Your customers build a ‘story’ about you based on their experience. They may have heard your ad on the radio, read a magazine, seen one of your staff members in uniform, passed one of your branded vehicles in town. Without them knowing it, you have become an entity, a brand in their minds. You must control the ‘idea’ they have of you in their minds-if you don’t, they will.