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Hello Interactive Services

Our Process - The 3 D's

We customize the design process to fit your needs, but there are generally three phases:

Process - Discovery,  Design and  Delivery


Who are your customers, and how can you serve them better? We listen, try to gain insights into your business, and create a straightforward plan to help you meet stated goals.

  • Stakeholder interviews and creative brainstorming
  • Research competition and other industry leaders
  • Organize content and page structure


Each and every design detail is finalized before writing a line of code. Then we take care of the technical details with precision and care, so that you can manage the site easily in the future if that is the plan.

  • Create wireframes and prootypes
  • Design and refine
  • Code and technology integration


We constantly ask questions throughout the process and make changes along the way so that no detail is overlooked. After extensive testing and launch, we work with you to analyze stats and make additional improvements.

  • Final testing across platforms and browsers
  • Project launch and analytics integration
  • Analytics monitoring, implement new changes
  • Rinse and repeat!